STEP #1: Schedule your Zingy using our iPhoneAndroid app.

STEP #2: We come to you with power, water, equipment and all we need is access to your vehicle 

STEP #3: Digitally track, pay and rate services received!

Step #1: Go to My Vehicle tab in the side panel

Step #2: Click Add Vehicle button 

Step #3: Enter your Vehicle Name e.g. Betsy, then select the Vehicle Type e.g. Large SUV. 

Step #4: Click the Next button, then Save

Step #1: Click on the Home Tab in the side panel

Step #2: Select your Vehicle 

Step #3: Enter your Address by typing into the search bar, or dropping a pin

Step #4: Select the service you need, then click Book Now or Book Later 

Zingy works hard to find Washers who are keen on details, trustworthy, reliable, and skilled in their respective field.

All washers that operate on the Zingy platform have to go through a training program at the Zingy HQ.

Rest assured that you will receive the best service guaranteed, every time you book with Zingy.

Yes, The Zingy Washers arrive at your location fully equipped with all the supplies they need to leave your vehicle spotless.

Yes, or with a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card but you are not charged until the service is completed.